Telemedicine Accreditation

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As telemedicine has grown in popularity and acceptance by providers, payers, and regulators, there is an increasing need to ensure consistent and targeted quality assurance efforts to foster and sustain quality services for patients. The American Telemedicine Association created the first accreditation program for telemedicine programs and clinical services which is now being completely managed by CHQI.

The original ATA Online Patient Consultation Accreditation Program (which focuses on consumer-to-provider delivery models) will be retained, and additional accreditation standards are being developed for provider organizations utilizing provider-to-consumer and provider-to-provider models of telemedicine. The scope of the original ATA program will also be expanded for the Online Patient Consultation Accreditation Program to include synchronous and asynchronous interactions for various types of clinical services.

All applicants will be required to document compliance with the core telemedicine standards for all provider organizations, and specific standards related to the types of delivery models and clinical services offered by each organization.

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